Table options

Pressing this button , you can see or change the table options with which you want to play.
If the game has the option of searching a quick game, this button will allow you to filter the tables depending on the amounts of chips and options you choose.
If you get in a room and sit at an empty table, you can choose the options with which you want to play. The master (the player that has a star   beside their avatar) is the one in charge of choosing the options of a table.
Each game has their own table options which you can check on their page of rules.
Shared table options
Time per turn. Once the time established finishes, the system will play for the user.
    Compete for points and chips. This option is necessary to take part in the rankings. Also see how to score and lose points.
    Private table. If this option is activated, only players that have been invited and friends can sit in.
    Allow public. Other people can enter the table to see the game and chat.
    Number of players. It depends on the game.

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